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New Classmate PC Laptop From Intel

At the 2009 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) expo - Las Vegas, Intel introduce an updated version of its Classmate PC reference design that adds several new capabilities. This version of the Classmate PC laptop features with a convertible tablet and touch-screen system and allow Intel and its OEM partners to offer two different types of low-cost laptops for school children.

The latest incarnation of the Intel Classmate PC now gives Intel and its OEM partners a choice of two different laptop designs for school children, in order to improve the learning experience for students, parents, teachers, and schools by new technology.

Like the previous clam shell design (mini laptop the 8.9-inch display), the convertible Classmate is based on the Intel Atom processor, the near-ubiquitous netbook platform. Specifically, the convertible Classmate PC Laptop uses an Atom N270 processor at 1.6GHz and a 945GSE chipset, and Intel claims about 30% longer battery life and 50% higher system performance for the new model.

The new Classmate PC Laptop is traditional laptop mode – adjusts with changing needs in the classroom, the screen swivels 180 degrees for sharing with peers and teachers. The convertible Classmate PC will also support a version of Microsoft Windows XP software that had been specifically designed for this type of laptop.

The new Classmate PC Laptop designed for a low-cost laptop for school children that a local OEM could manufacture and sell. While a laptop based on the Classmate PC design retails from $200 to $500 in the United States, Intel does not offer a specific price for these laptop.

There are two purpose why the Intel company released this model. One is to help school children connect to the Internet and expand their educational opportunities. Second reason is they want to introduce them self and Classmate PC Laptop to potentially millions of new customers in emerging markets.

Others specification of new Classmate PC Laptop 2009 are display 1024x600 color LCD (resolution), Storage comes in the form of a 60GB, 4,200-RPM Samsung hard drive, and the whole system weighs in at just 2.8 lbs. in the default configuration.

Do you have problem with viruses in your laptop?it cannot be removed with traditional antivirus programs. Instead, you need to use special methods or tools to get rid of it, which have remained a mystery until now.

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New Notebook HP Mini 1000

The notebook HP Mini 1000 is a convenient alternative to carrying your primary notebook PC everywhere you go. The size is Smaller and more portable than the normal notebook, it supports your mobile that always-on - lifestyle.

The notebook HP Mini 1000 is the perfect on-the-go companion for the ultra-mobile consumer. This is HP's second-generation foray into the mini-laptop space, also known as netbooks. HP Mini 1000 is available with an 8.9" or 10.1" diagonal display, weighs only 2.25 lb., and has a nearly full sized keyboard.

Notebook HP Mini 1000

The notebook HP Mini 1000 has futures some interesting programs, entertainment in a protected environment with genuine Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3. This new consumer version has a nearly identical design, but in lightweight plastic (its body is also slightly thinner). Thickness of the Mini 1000 is 1" and therefore thinner than the Acer Aspire One.

As small notebook, HP Mini 1000 coming with 10-inches screen display. The notebook Mini 1000 build in an Intel Atom processor (Dual-Core standard) as opposed to the VIA processor in the Mini-Note 2133, Operating system using Windows XP Home Edition.

The biggest selling point for the notebook HP Mini 1000 is its fantastic keyboard, which HP claims is 92 percent of the size of a full-size laptop keyboard. And probably the flashiest mini-note to date, set to arrive by mid-December, is a customized red take on the Mini designed by Vivienne Tam.

The user can be easy to operate the notebook HP Mini 1000, Surf the Internet without eye strain on the spacious 8.9" diagonal widescreen, or upgrade to a 10.1" diagonal, edge-to-edge BrightView Infinity display. Easily transfer data to and from other devices via two USB ports.

The notebook HP Mini 1000 provided some good quality software such as Microsoft Works 9, Windows Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media Player 11. For the hardware, HP Mini 1000 offer scalability and flexibility via hard drive options—8GB or 16GB SSD, or 60GB HDD.

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