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Notebook Computer Dell XPS M1530 Review

Dell Inc. in December 2007 launched an amazing notebook computer Dell XPS M1530, this is one of Dell company effort in order to listen to the customer feedback criticizing Dell’s older, thick and heavy laptops. The Notebook computer Dell XPS M1530 is an impressive 15.4" screen notebook designed similar to (just larger than) the very successful 13-inch XPS M1330.

The Dell XPS M1530 is a Notebook computer that very powerful multimedia notebook, which sets a high standard for competitors. Notebook computer Dell XPS M1530 running at Core 2 duo CPU and Geforce 8600M GT with GDDR3 memory in a high-quality. The Dell XPS M1530 notebook computer measures 357 x 263 x 24mm with a weight of 2.6kg covered with aluminum case.

The design of the Dell XPS M1530 is completely different. It is very thin and extremely elegant, less than 1 inch thick, but the notebook overall is wedge-shaped going to almost 1.4 inches thick at the rear. The Notebook computer Dell XPS M1530 is available in 3 colors for the back of the lid.

The design and look between Notebook computer Dell XPS M1330 and Dell XPS M1530 are mostly the same, the keyboard feels the same, the touch sensitive controls are replicated and for the most part the ports are the same (though you do get an extra USB 2.0 port on the M1530).

There are some notable differences other than size between the M1530 and M1330, The M1530 can be configured with a more powerful Nvidia 8600M GT graphics card for boosted gaming performance over the XPS M1330 that only offers up to the Nvidia 8400M GS. The Notebook computer Dell XPS M1530 also offers up to a 2.80GHz Intel T7800 processor, whereas the XPS M1330 tops out at an Intel T7500 2.2GHz processor. So, We can say that the The Notebook computer Dell XPS M1530 is having good performance metrics than Dell XPS M1330.

The Notebook computer Dell XPS M1530 comes with two choices for screen resolutions, 1440x900 and 1680x1050, which are way more respectable than the 1280x800 resolution that Dell XPS M1530 was initially launched with. Dell XPS M1530 is a Notebook computer provided 2.0MP web cam with the standard thicker CCFL screen.

The Dell XPS M1530 is a solid addition to the Dell notebook computer lineup, The Notebook computer Dell XPS M1530 features with a 1.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 160GB hard disk capacity, ample 2GB of RAM and a slot loading dual layer DVD writer.

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At November 22, 2010 at 3:59 PM, Anonymous dell xps notebooks said...

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